Our Care Tips

Our Care Tips

At Primi, we believe in forever fits. We encourage our community to take care when laundering and storing their garments.  Learn how to care for all your Primi pieces.


By caring for your Primi pieces correctly and responsibly, you will not only be able to prolong the lifespan of your garments but help reduce unnecessary waste and impact on the environment.


Cotton Essentials 

  • Always wash in cold water to avoid shrinking
  • Use a mild detergent handwashing is best)
  • If machine washing, use a garment bag on a gentle cycle
  • Turn the garment inside out & avoid washing with heavy duty garments (denim, jackets).
  • Steer clear of bleaches & nasty chemicals.
  • Dry flat in the shade to avoid stretching & colour fading from direct sunlight. 


Cupro & Viscose Blends

  • Cold handwash using a gentle detergent. 
  • Avoid heat and dry flat in the shade.
  • If you notice slight shrinking after washing, lay flat in shade and pull the length out gently.
  • To restore sheen, iron inside out (using a pressing cloth) on low heat whilst pulling the fabric on each side. 
  • Avoid jewellery & sharp objects that may snag fabric



  • Handwash to avoid pilling & shrinking
  • Always use a special knitwear detergent
  • Press out excess water, do not wring
  • Place garment on a towel and gently roll and press out excess water
  • Store folded. Do not hang
  • If a yarn has snagged during wear, carefully mend it by pulling the yarn to the back of the garment and securing with a knot. 
  • Avoid cutting or pulling the snagged yarn as this will cause a hole. 


  • Invest in a suit brush and brush regularly to restore the fabric’s natural sheen.
  • Never place a suit blazer in the washing machine & avoid hand washing.
  • If required, spot clean using lukewarm water and gentle detergent. 
  • Store jackets on a padded hanger and in a dust bag to protect when not in regular use.
  • Avoid ironing and opt for steaming. Steaming will refresh your piece, helping to remove odour .If you do need to iron, put the iron on the lowest setting and press over a cloth.