Summer with Sarah ~ Postcards from Europe

Summer with Sarah ~ Postcards from Europe

We recently sat down with Sarah O'Sullivan to chat all things fashion & her capsule wardrobe travel essentials. 

1: We love your refined, chic sense of style. How has your wardrobe evolved over the years?  Who or what has influenced it?

I think for as long as I can remember I always loved a minimal, chic style and when I was younger I dressed more following the trends, rather than chasing comfort. My style has evolved by dressing in clothes that I am comfortable in, confident in and that can be on rotation in my capsule wardrobe. 

I love Hailey Bieber as my style icon and am a sucker for a Pinterest mood board! 

2: What pieces do you find provide the most longevity in your wardrobe? And what advice would you pass on to someone wanting to build a long-lasting wardrobe?

A good pair of jeans! I have 1 really nice pair of jeans that I got tailored to suit me and I know they’ll last forever. Also a good blazer, I know will last me years and is timeless. I would avoid shopping fast fashion and focus on brands that have an emphasis on quality, that will fit nicely into your capsule wardrobe. Don’t follow trends and find your style! 

3: Your Europe travels look so dreamy! What have been your must-have essentials whilst travelling abroad?

 Europe truely has been a dream!! When packing for my euro summer wardrobe I tried to stick with a minimal style and lots of tops and bottoms that I can pair together. I made sure I was comfortable in every outfit I packed to avoid not wearing certain clothing! 

My must have essentials when travelling would be; matching sets (obsessed with the new primi cupro one), white linen pants and staple tops that I can put on rotation! 

4: What is something you have learnt about yourself whilst travelling abroad?

I love this Q! I’ve learnt that I truely love getting to know new people and find their life stories so interesting! That’s one of my fave things about travelling is meeting people from all over and I find it just opens my perspective to things so much more.