A Glimpse into the Capsule Wardrobe of Molly Smyth

A Glimpse into the Capsule Wardrobe of Molly Smyth

We sat down with Melbourne based fashion, beauty & lifestyle creator Molly Smyth, to discuss her style journey over the years & tips to building a versatile capsule wardrobe. Read on for more


1: We love how you outfit your clothing in so many ways. What pieces do you find provide the most longevity in your wardrobe? And what advice would you pass on to someone wanting to build a long-lasting wardrobe?

Firstly, thank you so much that's so lovely of you to say, putting outfits together and playing around with my existing wardrobe is one of my favourite things to do so I am always happy to hear when people love it. I find longevity in timeless, staple pieces, making sure they're good quality and versatile styles you can mix in with pieces you already own. Anything from basic singlets and tee's to a good structured blazer or pant. 

My advice would be to look at what you keep reaching for, if it's a black blazer, definitely make sure you have a good quality one in your wardrobe that will last you forever. If you're going to wear it a lot, it's going to be worth the investment.


2: How would you say your fashion sense has evolved over the years?

I have found as I've gotten older, I have been more conscious of my clothing purchases, I have really added a lot of timeless pieces to my wardrobe. I will now look at the quality and fabrics in the garments, rather than just seeing a cute fashion style and purchasing it to wear once to an event. I have also really worked on creating my own capsule wardrobe, less of following trends and finding the right pieces to add that suit me, my body and my style. 


3: Who, what or where has inspired/influenced your personal style?

 My nana always had a great sense of style, she definitely inspired me and my love for fashion from a young age. In my early 20's I studied fashion and worked in the industry straight out of university, that along with the incredible women I was surrounded by, really grew my love for styling and clothes even more. 

Moving from Geelong to Melbourne really helped me too, I found I would feel more comfortable wearing what I loved and wanted to wear in Melbourne. I love seeing how everyone expresses themselves through their outfits in Melbourne.


4: Your Europe Vacay looked so amazing! What did you find yourself wearing on repeat?

Take. Me. Back! Europe was so incredible, that was the first time I have been and I am already dreaming of returning. I found I was reaching for comfortable pieces a lot, there's lots of walking involved! Ha! I wore my blazers on repeat (we went in May so it was still a bit cooler), singlets and skirts! My Primi vest got a workout too, it was so great to mix and match for the cold and warm weather.


5: What would you love to see from Australian fashion brands this summer?

I'm loving the maxi skirt trend so hopefully that continues into summer fabrics and also maxi dresses. I also adore matching linen sets in summer.