In conversation with lifestyle creator Nikita Gavri

In conversation with lifestyle creator Nikita Gavri


 "If it doesn't feed your soul, don't worry about it"


Tell us a bit about yourself, what does you day to day look like? 

My background is Portuguese, African, and Indian, so I'm pretty much a fruit salad.  I work a full time job as an Online Sales Consultant for an Australian furniture designer company. It wouldn’t be considered a good day if coffee wasn’t involved. I absolutely love discovering new cafes, creative art shops, and towns, its like my weekly self love ritual. 

I spend 95% of my day listening to personal development podcasts and learning something new while I’m working, cleaning, or exercising. I also spend most of my time getting inspired from people so I can create content that truly has meaning. Content creating is something I’ve been very passionate about for the last 3 years.


We adore your positive outlook on life & motivational self talk. Do you have a motto you like to live by?

Yes, my daily motto is, “If it doesn’t feed your soul, don’t worry about it” which basically means whatever isn’t fuelling your fire in life, then its not worth doing. I always aim to focus on the things that bring joy and passion in to my life because there’s no point in working hard on things you don’t really care about. I always like to remind myself of how unique, valuable, and strong I am through every challenge I’m faced with. This drives me to help others realise the same thing so that we can all focus on what really matters in our lives. 


What pieces of clothing are non-negotiables in your everyday wardrobe? 

Denim, leather, and a comfy basic knit top is a must have for me. 


How do you feel your personal style has evolved over the years? 

I used to love fitted jeans and dresses however over the years, I’ve embraced more classic over-sized styles. Like oversized jackets, blazers, wide leg trousers, and a fitted top to go with it all. I’m obsessed with the relaxed style now, kinda like “CEO off duty”. 


What would you love to see from Australian fashion brands as we move into summer?  

Quality is key. I would rather have staple pieces that would last me 10 years but still have the same timeless effect. I’m the type of person who has only a few pieces that can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything. I can’t stand a bulked up wardrobe, I love simplicity and comfort with every style I choose.